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I write as the Spirit moves me. I have prayed about what I'm supposed to do with my life a lot. A lot. Writing. Writing is what I believe God is leading me to do. Whether or not He wants me to write for anyone to read is His business. Much of my writing has been therapy for me so maybe I'm the only one who is supposed to read it. So, why the Blog? As a sounding board, a note pad, a place to keep my ideas and thoughts. A place to share and promote my books, and photography. Written prayers, a place to vent. Possibly, even a place for the unknown reader to learn about the love of Jesus.

Saturday, April 30, 2016

Peru, Lima to Machu Picchu

This is a placeholder for my Peru blog.  I've just started loading video #2 to YouTube.  Video part 1 is now available.   I will write the blog on Monday, (5/2/16)

Friday, March 25, 2016

The road to NY, hit a pothole

Question:  How do you jump back into marathon training after a week of the flu?
Answer:  You don't.

I don't care how healthy you are, how tough you are, how physically fit you are, the flu knocks your body to the ground and does a double body slam.  Then it crushes your lungs and takes your physical abilities way, way back to the day you first started the quest for that elusive thing called "The Marathon".  

I've had the flu twice now. The first time I was in my early 20's.  Wasn't a runner then, wasn't even very physically active except of the occasional trip to the gym.  After all, I was in my 20s.  Had the flu for a week, took two weeks to feel "back to normal."  

This go round, the flu itself wasn't that bad.  It couldn't be.  I didn't have time to be sick because my poor husband REALLY had the flu and I needed to be well to take care of him.  My last good run was on a Friday, 14 miles.  Started running a fever on Saturday.  Today, it's Friday and I've only managed a few miles on the treadmill in a week's time.  My lungs are shot, still coughing.  My congestion is gone and my energy level is returning, however, I'm not 'bouncing' back.  

It's going to take time and I don't like that!!  I've done everything right - nutrition, hydration, sleep. Obviously, I should have been able to run at least ten miles today, right?  Right?


Yes, it's frustrating, however, I know..I KNOW... it's going to take at least another week for my lungs to be back to 'normal'.  I won't give up, it's not in my vocabulary.  Therefore, the answer is, you do not jump back into marathon training, it's simply one day at a time, one step at a time, one breath at a time.  

After all...  I AM A MARATHONER!!!  

And.  I have goals!  
1) Climb Machu Pichu
2) RocknRoll marathon Montreal
3) TCS New York Marathon
4) breathe normally
5) Celebrate Easter  -  This list is actually backwards somewhat but that's okay.  

Support World Vision

Building a better world for children

Help me reach the goal

Monday, March 14, 2016

The Journey continues

Training for the New York Marathon is in full swing - did it ever end?  This week-end's cross training consisted of carrying 20+  40-pound bags of dirt up and down the hill in my back yard.  I built a vegetable garden to save money.  Will take a lot of veggies to break even, but hey, they will be extra healthy, right.

See, here's the thing, every Spring I get the urge to plant things, play in the dirt, see pretty flowers in my yard.  Then, every Summer I watch them die.  I'm great at planting, not so great at keeping them alive.  Every year I tell myself it will be different.  I WILL keep better care of my plants and they will thrive.  So, I keep telling myself.  Don't get me wrong, I do try.  I try a little harder every year and I'm getting better.  I think.  Plant, water, grow.  Sounds easy.  

I turned to cactus and succulents last year.  They are doing great!  This year, however, I wanted to grow veggies.  With my marathon training I eat a large container of spinach a week, plus a large head of broccoli, a couple of pounds of berries, four apples a week.  Wish I could grow an almond tree.  I eat a pound of those every two weeks.  

Today, I'm running on the treadmill.  Heavy rain last night and I'd rather not slip on wet leaves.  While I was running, I was trying to think of ways to encourage people to donate to my World Vision fundraising page.   Here's an idea I came up with that sounded fun:

For every $100.00 donated this week I will run for one hour up and down a busy street in my town in a costume of your choosing and since I don't own a ton of costumes, you would need to provide the costume.  I know that will be difficult for those not near me, but I'll figure something out if you cannot get me a costume.

I will, of course, post pictures.  

Donate here

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

The Journey Begins with Just One Step, and a little help from my friends.

Today I got the news I didn't want to hear, "You didn't get in."  This was from the New York Marathon Lottery system.  This means my name was not drawn for entry into the race.  Fortunately, there's more than one way to run a race

My race calendar is planned out at the very least one year in advance.  I keep a list posted in my office of races I've signed up for, races I want to do, races I might do, and of course the "Bucket List" races.  The TCS NYC Marathon is on that list.  

So, I didn't get my name pulled out of the hat or runner's shoe or whatever.  I'm not going to let a little thing like that stop me.  

Therefore,  I've joined a charity.  This means, I sign up for the race through a charity, promise to raise money for them which guarantees my entry.

After much thought, research, and prayer, I have joined the "Team World Vision" charity.

Watch the video here to learn more about World Vision:  

After watching the video, please prayerfully consider donating to my fund here:  http://goo.gl/oB6jyL

World Vision

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Rhubarb. Is it a fruit or a vegetable?

It's colorful, it's tasty, and it makes a great desert.  So, fruit or vegetable?  According to Wikipedia, who knows everything:

Rhubarb (Rheum rhabarbarum) is a species of plant in the family Polygonaceae. It is a herbaceous perennial growing from short, thick rhizomes. It produces large leaves that are somewhat triangular, with long fleshy stalks and small flowers grouped in large compound leafy greenish-white to rose-red inflorescences.
In culinary use, fresh raw leaf stalks (petioles) are crisp (similar to celery) with a strong, tart taste. Most commonly, the stalks are cooked with sugar and used in pies and other desserts. A number of varieties have been domesticated for human consumption, most of which are recognised as Rheum x hybridum by the Royal Horticultural Society.
Rhubarb is usually considered a vegetable. In the United States, however, a New York court decided in 1947 that, since it was used in the United States as a fruit, it counted as a fruit for the purposes of regulations and duties. A side effect was a reduction on imported rhubarb tariffs, as tariffs were higher for vegetables than fruits.[1]

But seriously, who cares!?  It's delicious.  The other day my husband informed me that he loves rhubarb pie.  I had never eaten rhubarb in any form or even cooked with it so I didn't give it a second thought.  That is, until I saw it in the freezer section in my grocery store.  I bought two bags, just in case.  He added vanilla ice cream to the cart to make a simple rhubarb smoothie.  
To prove that I'm a good wife (that's a joke, he knows I love him), I did a little digging.  I found a good smoothie recipe (see below) but I also found something better - BROWNIES.  Who knew.  Now you do, too.

1 c raw honey or agave
1/2 c coconut oil, softened
2 eggs or 2 flax eggs (2 TBS ground flax seeds soaked in 1/2 c water)
1 tsp vanilla
1/2 c whole wheat flour
1/3 c cacao powder (not cocoa), raw cacao powder
1/2 tsp salt
1 c finely chopped rhubarb (measure after chopping)
1/2 c dark or semisweet dairy-free chocolate chips

Preheat oven to 375.  Line an 8x8 or 9x13 or similar pan with parchment paper. 
Mix wet ingredients then add dry.  
Bake for 20 minutes or slightly less if your oven runs hot.  
Chill before cutting and removing from parchment. 

Rhubarb brownies hot out of the oven

Rhubarb brownies

I don't have a photo, but here is a smoothie recipe and variations.

1 c milk
1/2 c frozen strawberries
1/3 c frozen rhubarb
1 TBS ground flax
1/4 tsp vanilla extract
1/4 tsp cinnamon
1/2 tsp honey

Puree until smooth.  Variations:   Use almond milk or chocolate cashew milk.  Add a banana.  Leave out the flax seeds.  Use agave instead of honey.  If you use a banana may not need the honey.  

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