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Monday, May 11, 2015

How to Bathe a Cat in 19 Easy Steps

Seriously?  You've never bathed your cat?  My first cat, on my own in my own home, was a tiny, scrawny, ugly little kitten with fleas.  She was a gift.  I'm glad to say she grew up to be a beautiful cat and sad to say she passed away at the ripe old age of 18.  This cat was bathed often.  At first it was to get rid of fleas. In Houston, Texas it is HOT in the summer.  She had long hair and she often slept in the cool bathtub, especially after my showers while the tub was still wet.  Bathing her was easy.  She liked it. Not all cats do.  

Bathing cats can be like bathing 2-year-old boys.  Sometimes you have to get in with them and have a little fun.  

The following is a step-by step guide of how to bathe your cat:

1.  Cut their nails.  Really.  Those things are dangerous and have torn up a few good shower curtains, not to mention my skin.
2.  Gather all your supplies.  Towels (plural), soap, plastic cup or bowl, comb, blow drier, change of clothes.  Band-aids if you skipped step 1.  
3.  Put kitty in the bathroom and close the door.  Love on them a little by combing or brushing their fur and cutting their nails (if you haven't already done so).
4.  Turn on the shower - yes I said the shower - and let it run for a little while and get it to warm to tepid.  A shower with a glass enclosure works better than a tub with a curtain.  Kitty can dive right through those things and pull down the curtain, rod and all.
5.  Get naked.  Yep. Go ahead and strip down, you're going to get all wet anyway.  
6.  Lovingly pick up kitty and love on him/her - feet facing out - and back into the shower.
7.  Close the door!!!  Quickly.
8.  Put kitty down, gently, not under the water spray and let them roam around and holler.  They will holler, moan, cry, scream.  You know, just like little boys who don't want to take a bath.
9.  Kneel down or sit down and nudge kitty under the water. They won't like it - at first - or at all.  Fill up the cup, pour it on to get kitty all wet then start massaging in the soap.  This part they might like.  The attention and the rub down is pleasurable if they can forget the wet, wet water and the noise of the shower.  
10.  Talk or sing to kitty.  
11.  Stay calm.  
12.  Now rinse.  If possible, pick up kitty - feet facing away from your delicate skin and stand up so the shower gets their belly. 
13.  All rinsed, time to squeegie.  Squeeze out as much water as possible so it doesn't end up all over your floor. 
14.  Carefully open the shower door and get the towel (or hang it over the door).  
15.  Dry your eyes then dry kitty as much as possible.  Wrap kitty in the towel and exit the shower.
16.  Place kitty on the counter and give him/her a good rub down.
17.  With blow drier on low and warm, give the full spa treatment with a blow out.  The delicate kitty skin will appreciate this gesture.  
18.  Dry yourself off and get dressed.
19.  Celebrate your success with a favorite delicacy or beverage.

Oliver during his shower.

Sally getting her post-shower rubdown

Time to blow-dry

Sally - Queen of her Domain.

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